usb c pd charger

The Best Benefit of USB C PD Charger

The Best Benefit of USB-C PD Charger

What is a Type USB-C PD Charger?

usb c pd charger

USB-PD or USB-C Power Delivery is a new protocol specification that enables faster and more flexible charging.

  • The device no longer requires separate USB and power jacks, which older computers usually do.
  • The device can be charged and discharged through the same port, which means that the power direction is no longer fixed.

Is USB-C and PD the Same?

The fundamental difference between USB Type-C and USB-PD is that USB Type-C is a new reversible USB connector with a small form factor, whereas USB-PD is a power delivery protocol that supports power delivery up to 100W.

What is USB-C PD Used For?

The USB-C power delivery chipset delivers the exact power required.

Whether it is an Apple or Android phone or a large laptop, the USB-C PD charger will detect the connected device, provide an appropriate amount of power, and charge the device as soon as possible.

Are USB PD Better Than USB-C?

USB Type-C can provide up to twice the power of the BC 1.2 specification, and USB Type-C/PD can provide up to 100 watts of power.

1, New Connector Shap

         USB C PD charger

It is reversible, and USB-C keeps your Android device charger at the same level as Apple’s lightning plug. USB Type PD C has no upward or downward direction. All you need to do is align it with the port and insert it.

2, The Data Transfer Rates

usb c pd charger

Compared with the previous USB, USB-C has a higher data transfer speed, and it transfers data at a bandwidth of 40Gbps.

3,  Fast Charging

USB-C PD can provide up to 100 watts of power. This is not only six times what USB 3.1 can provide, but also enough to power your laptop.

In addition, the USB-C to USB-C cable is bidirectional. This means that the cable allows your device to send and receive power according to your preferences

For Example, 4 ports usb-c pd charger 100w that are popular in the U.S. and Australia

4, Future-Proof

USB-C is one of the latest versions of the USB cable series. As the structure of modern notebook computers becomes smaller and smaller, USB-C adapts to the physical size and requirements of these new devices.

5, The Universal Connector

Computer and gadget manufacturers have adopted USB-C ports in most of their newer flagship products. With a single cable, you can handle multiple tasks at the same time and complete more tasks and maximize your time

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