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Can l Charging Phone with Laptop Charger ?

With the recent increase in popularity of certain standards (USB-C and USB-PD), the short answer is increasingly becoming the following: in general, yes, it is safe to plug your laptop charger into your phone

But, as our readers will have noticed, we are using the expression “in general” here. That is because, it will always depend on which laptop charger and which phone you’re using

usb c laptop charger

How USB-C  Charger Has Changed the World?

laptop usb c charger

The ‘USB Implementer’s Forum‘ is a non-profit organization whose members include giants like Apple and Microsoft. The organization introduced the USB-C Connector in 2014. It was aimed to tackle deal with the problem that USB designs from previous years had introduced

The public would be better served if these technological giants devised interchangeable charging connectors that consumers could pair with different devices

Naturally, it could fit mobile phones, not just the high-end varieties but lots of the farms' brands on the market. Much more importantly, it was powerful enough to charge laptops with USB C

How Can You Determine Whether Your Laptop Charger is a USB-C Type?

laptop usb  c charger

Determine whether your device is a USB port, just check the port, It should be small and rounded,this usb power delivery can fast charging macbook pro. If you have other USB connectors on hand, compare them

Can I Charge My Phone with My Laptop Charger?

Yes, a laptop charger can charge a phone, but only if your laptop and phone use chargers of a similar design.

If both your laptop and your phone have USB-C charging ports, you can use the laptop’s USB-C charger to charge your phone.

Can Any Type-C Laptop Charger Charge Any Phone?

The presence of a USB-C port and Type-C charger means that a laptop charger is more likely to charge a phone. However, it takes more than a USB connector to charge a phone.
A charger can only charge an electronic device if the device has the relevant charging protocol. If your phone doesn’t have the compatible charging protocol, a Type-C laptop charger won’t work.
However, the latest laptops and phones–those with a USB-C Connector–have the USB-PD protocol which allows a Type-C charger to charge them.

How to Reduce the Risks Associated with a Laptop Charger?

laptop usb c charger

Laptop chargers are tricky because they are designed to work with devices that have a much higher voltage requirement than phones. This is why I encourage you to avoid fake Type-C laptop chargers and use a high quality usb c cable.
They will put both your phone and your laptop at risk. The only way to protect your devices is to use genuine chargers. They are expensive but they are also safer


The question of whether or not you can charge a phone with a laptop charger depends on the presence or absence of a USB-C port and a Type-C Charger. So long as your laptop and phone were designed to charge using similar connectors, you can interchange them

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