Charger Falling Out of the Socket

Why Does Your Charger Fall Out of the Socket?(2021)

When you really need to use your phone for office or entertainment, this is a very worrying thing that you find that the charger falls off from the socket and eventually cannot be charged when you connect the charger to the socket. You may start to blame the faulty cable, or even the iPhone itself.

In fact, there are many reasons that cause the charger to fall out, Let's discuss today

How does the Socket Work

After the plug is plugged into the socket, the copper sleeve in the socket provides a holding force and clamps the plug to allow the current to pass. This retales to the design of the copper sleeve, manufacturing process, materials, and so on.

Reasons for the Charger to Fall Off

1, Copper Sets

There are certain differences in the design of copper sleeves from different manufacturers. Generally speaking, the thickness of a good copper sleeve is between 0.4mm and 0.6mm.

  • Has enough strength to clamp the pins
  • the stability will not decrease significantly after long-term use

This is why some sockets work well when they are new, but have poor contact after a few years.

2, Charger's Socket

In order to be compatible with plugs of various countries and to increase the versatility of sockets, early buildings, hotels, and airports all used multi-hole sockets.

  • The internal copper sheet design is complicated, and the pins cannot be clamped well.
  • It is difficult to pass large currents.

3, Charger Itself

According to the appearance, the charger can be divided into two types: square and bar

The traditional chargers generally use a square appearance, while the new generation of gallium nitride(GaN) chargers uses the appearance of the strip

After the charger is plugged into the socket, a certain downward force will be generated due to the weight of the charger, which will cause the charger to pry out of the socket.

square chargers--Although it is large in size and heavy in weight, the bottom of the charger can be cling to the socket, which produces less pulling force on the copper sleeve.

strip charger-- It is small in size and light in weight, but the bottom of the charger is not extended far enough, and the downward pulling force will be greater than that of a square charger.

4, Dirt on iPhone Charging Port

You may throw your iPhone into any place such as pants pockets, jacket pockets, bags, etc. Therefore, over time, the ports will have dust and lint. This will inevitably affect the cable connection in the port.

5, The number of  pogo pins

Fix of the Charger Falling Out of the Socket

1, Replace the Socket

A poor gripping connection will also cause series arc faults, which will create heat and potential fire

2, Bending the Prongs of the Plug Slightly Apart. 

This will increase the friction that holds the plug in the socket.
*Don't try this with your iPhone charger.

3, Attach a Small Piece of Double-Sided Tape

  • Cut a small piece of double-sided (foam) tape
  • Stick one side of the tape on the plug and the other side on the socket
  • Squeeze the plug and socket firmly
**If you use a small piece, it will easily fall off when you want to remove it.


Whether it is a strip charger or a square charger, the main factor for the charger to fall off is the socket itself. If it is inserted into a well-designed socket, even if it is shaken with force, it will not cause looseness or fall out.


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