Which Phones that don't Come With a Charger?

Which Phones that don't Come With a Charger?

In September 2020, Apple canceled the 5V/1A charger that came with the Apple Watch S6 in the name of environmental protection. In October 2020, Apple cancelled the charger that came with the iPhone 12 series for the same reason

This behavior has attracted many manufacturers to follow suit. Today, let's take a look at which mobile phones cancel the distribution of chargers.

Phone that don't Come With a Charger

phone that don't come with a charger

After iPhone 12, more and more phones have begun to cancel come with chargers, such as google pixel, Samsung...

phone don't come with a charger

Why Phone don't Come With a Charger?

Many phones do not come with chargers in the name of environmental protection, This is one of the reasons, and the other reason is that

  • Lack of chips
  • increase in cost

As a result, more and more manufacturers do not come with chargers, and because of this, more and more users choose third-party charger products which are suitable and cheaper to replace the expensive original charger

How to Choose a Third-Party Charger?

      phone don't come with a charger

The compatible power and supported protocols of each device may be different. Except for Samsung, Apple, and Google which are compatible with PD/PPS protocols, all other manufacturers need to use their private protocols to achieve full-speed fast charging.

1, You should know what protocols your device supports, and know what protocols this third-party charger support

2, Check whether the manufacturer is legal

3, Check whether the quality of the charger is good


In the future, more and more manufacturers will follow suit and do not bring their own mobile phone chargers. More and more consumers are willing to choose chargers that are inexpensive or compatible with protocols.

So, Which third-party charger do you think is the best?

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