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What's New with the New USB-C to Lightning Cable(2022)

What is a USB-C to Lightning Cable

The USB-C to Lightning cable refers to a cable with a USB-C port on one end and a Lightning port on the other end.

With a usb-c to lightning cable, users can sync data from AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, charge these devices as well as the Siri Remote, and more.

Here's a List of Things you Can do With a USB-C to Lightning Cable:

  • Charge your AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 
  • Some iPhone models can fast charge when connected to some USB-C power adapters using the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.
  • Sync data or import photos by connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a USB-C port on your Mac or PC.
  • Charge Apple accessories like Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, Siri Remote or Magic Trackpad.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad with a USB-C to Lightning cable and use these devices as a personal hotspot.

Recently, apple store has launched a USB-C to Lightning charging cable, the model is A2561

How does it change from the old model? Let's have a discussion

New and old Comparison



  • The new model is A2561
  • The old model is A2249

2, The sticker font is different and the content is similar


  • The old model length is 105cm
  • The new model length is 106cm

4, Pin front: silver 8pin, same as old


Old model with 30W original charger

  • Charge the iPhone 13 mini with about 8.98V 1.93A 17.33W.
  • Charge iPhone 13 with about 8.96V 2.62A 23.48W.
  • Charge iPhone 13 Pro with about 8.96V 2.55A 22.86W.

New model with30W original charger

  • Charges iPhone 13 mini, about 8.98V 1.93A 17.38W
  • Charge iPhone 13 with about 8.96V 2.66A 23.88W
  • Charges iPhone 13 Pro with approximately 8.96V 2.53A 22.73W


There seems to be no change in appearance, length and performance between the old and new models. The illustration to teach you how to use the data line is canceled on the packaging, which may be the focus of this update.

So, don't rush to get a new charging cable for your device, it probably won't make a difference


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