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Come on: The New iPhone SE3 Release! A15+New Appearance+2TB Capacity

The iphone 13 released last month satisfies our demand for smart phones, but for 13, there are too many bugs, and Apple users will have a lot of concerns.

iphone se3

Many users still miss the iPhone SE series with better "stability". Except for the old appearance ID and weaker performance, there are basically no shortcomings~

iphone se3

The image quality of the single rear camera is as good as before, and it is worth buying for users who do not have high demand for images. We hope that Apple will work harder on the camera while maintaining the original pricing strategy or lowering the price。

iPhone SE3: A New Look

Apple may officially launch the iPhone SE3 in 2022, which is expected to bring a smaller body, a new appearance and a lower price than conventional models.

iphone se3


The iPhone SE3 may introduce a full-screen solution for the first time, which is basically the same as the iPhone 12 series.

The design of the iPhone SE3 will be "roughly the same" as the iPhone SE2, which is based on the iPhone 8, which means that Apple may equip the iPhone SE3 with the same size as the iPhone 8, and a full screen.


Because of cost, product positioning and other factors, the back of the iPhone SE3 is still a single-camera design, and it is impossible to introduce a multi-camera system. After all, the "extreme image experience" is handled by Pro.

The previous generation iPhone SE has better picture effects in daylight conditions than the iPhone 12 mini. It can be expected that the shooting experience of next year’s iPhone SE3 in certain specific scenes may be comparable to the dual-camera of the iPhone 13 mini.

iphone se3


It is reported that the iPhone SE3 uses the same A15 bionic chip as the iPhone 13 Pro Max; the maximum capacity may be 2TB~

iPhone SE Series May Replace the mini Version

 At present, due to the low sales of iPhone 12 mini, Apple has already cut production significantly. This year's iPhone 13 mini is very likely to become the "only model".

Reports indicate that the mini version will officially withdraw from iPhone products in 2022; Apple intends to update the iPhone SE series with faster chips and 5G functions, and replace the previous iPhone mini version.


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