How to Choose a GaN charger?  Gallium Nitride Charger Review(2022)

How to Choose a GaN charger? Gallium Nitride Charger Review(2022)

  • The difference between GaN chargers and ordinary chargers
  • What are the advantages of GaN chargers?
  • Recommendations for multi-port GaN chargers

1)The Difference Between GaN Chargers and Ordinary Chargers

  • Different Materials

The basic material used in ordinary chargers is silicon, which is a very important material in the electronics industry.

However, with the increase of people's demand for charging, the charging power has become larger and larger, and some chargers are easy to cause heat when charging for a long time. Therefore, everyone has found a suitable alternative charger material: gallium nitride.

  • performance
    • more suitable for high-power and high-frequency power devices
    • The frequency of the manufactured gallium nitride chips is much higher than that of silicon
    • Effectively reduce the heat dissipation performance of internal components

2)What are the Advantages of GaN Chargers?

  • Small size. GaN chargers are much smaller and more convenient to use than ordinary chargers.
  • More power. Many high-power chargers use gallium nitride materials, even if it is a laptop at home, you don't have to worry about charging problems.
  • multi-port.Many multi-port chargers also use gallium nitride materials, which can meet the charging needs of multiple devices.
  • Safer.Gallium nitride has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.

3) Recommendations for Multi-Port GaN Chargers

  • Replace Multiple Charger with One

Able to charge 2 laptops plus 2 USB-A devices at the same time.

  • Wide Range of Compatibility

Work for almost all devices such as MacBook Pro/Air, Lenovo Thinkpad, IPad Pro, iPhone 13/mini/Pro/Max and more

  • GaN Based Charger

New GaN technology allows power devices to operate at higher voltages and switching frequencies, creating smaller, more efficient chargers.

  •  GaN Technology

the charger has a smaller size and higher charging power.

  • Full Quick Charger Protocols

Support full quick charge protocols including PD 2.0/3.0/PPS, QC 2.0/3.0/4.0/ AFCP/FCP, act

  • 65W High Power

The maximum output power of the Type-C port is 65 Watt, which supports the PD charging for laptop and charging three devices at the same time.



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