Did you know that the power bank will explode?(2022)

Did you know that the power bank will explode?(2022)

The possibility of mobile power explosions is very small, but more and more mobile power explosions are happening now.

These usually occur when they are of extremely poor build quality or are used improperly. Therefore, this article mainly explores this topic and firstly explains in full what exactly causes the explosion of the power bank and how to avoid it

The Reason for the Explosion of Power Bank

1) Poor Battery Quality

Batteries are the major components of power banks,

power bank supplies made of Poor Battery Quality will not only lead to low power and fast loss, but also have problems in safety performance, and will also explode. 

Once an explosion occurs, the consequences are very serious.

2) Poor Quality Wire.

Inferior wires are easily deformed after bending and use, and short-circuits will occur. For a power bank a good circuit design entails the following:

  • Power protection: A well-made power bank should have power protection. This is a mechanism that ensures that the battery stops charging once it has reached full capacity.
  • Short circuit control: A good power bank should have it’s circuit fully insulated to prevent short circuit. (Short circuit means touching of wires)
  • Temperature control: The ideal power bank should have a kind of temperature control such that once it hits a particular temperature; it shuts down to cool off.

3)Improper or Wrong Usage

What can cause a power bank to explode could be traced to us – the users。

  • place the power bank in a high temperature or humid environment,
  • Overcharging of power banks is bad practice

How to use the Power Bank Correctly

1) Do not charge the power bank for a long time. Avoid overcharging

2)Do not squeeze or shake the power bank. Squeeze the  power bank, which will cause the internal structure of the lithium battery to be disordered

3)Do not place the power bank in high temperature and humid places

4)Don't use the power bank that is discolored, deformed, leaking, easy to get hot, maybe he can still use it

Signs of a Possible Explosion

  • Getting heat when charging
  • It looks swollen
  • It hisses
  • Smoke comes out of it
  • Smell smoke even if you can't see it

If you see any of these signs, make sure to disconnect the power bank from any device immediately.

How to Put Out a Fire Power Bank?

  • Make sure there are no dangerous product around. Quickly remove all flammable items]
  • Use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire

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