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Why do 100w 4 Ports GaN Chargers Need to be Cut Off when Adding New Devices?

If you are looking for a way to keep all of your devices charged up without having absolute chaos

If you have multiple phones and tablets in your home, chances are you have chargers plugged in everywhere.

Then you will need a multi-port charger to solve your problem,But the multi-port charger has a feature:Power is redistributed as devices are added

How is the Power of the Multi-Port Charger Distributed?

This is a 4-port gan charger with 2 USB-C and 2 UAB-A, supporting 100W fast charging,It's great that one charger solves the problem of 4 devices, so how is it distributed?

The output will change as the device is added.

What is the Charger Cut Off?

When the cable is connected to the second port of the charger again, the first port will be powered off, and then charging will resume

Why does the Charger Cut Off?

This is a protective measure.The multi-port charger will judge according to the needs of the device when outputting, and output the appropriate power

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