5 Charger Knowledge you will Misunderstand(2022)

5 Charger Knowledge you will Misunderstand(2022)

In the age of smartphones, we are all used to having technology at our fingertips.

Now, more and more people are beginning to think that charging by the pillow is not good, and it is easy to cause fire

Even if you put your phone next to your pillow while you sleep, it will generate radiation and affect sleep quality

It's time to explain it all and make everyone feel more at ease with their mobile phones

1) Causes of cell Phone Fires

We often see incidents of cell phones exploding

The person is either playing with the phone while charging or getting blown up by charger that is charging by the bed

But in fact, most of the charging accidents are caused by the use of substandard chargers. Therefore, the first step in charging safety is to use the chargers produced by regular manufacturers.

2)Can the Phone be Charged Overnight?

Yes, but preferably not

Phones have a complete power management scheme. When your phone is fully charged, it will stop supplying power to the lithium battery. Therefore, the probability of accident is very low.

There is no need to worry about personal safety, but the battery remains fully charged, which is not necessarily a good thing for the health of the phone battery.

Keeping your phone at 30%-80% power often makes the battery more durable.

3)Can we Play while Charging?

Yes, but preferably not

Playing with your phone while charging is the same as using a laptop with a power adapter plugged in

But it should be noted that the phone will be more hot

4)Is it Radiation when Charge it all night at the Bedside?

Yes, but no harm.

  • The radiation produced by phones is a kind of non-ionizing radiation that is almost harmless to the human body
  • As long as it is a phone certified by the authoritative 3C, the radiation dose will not exceed the national safety standards for radiation sources.

5)Is it OK to Keep the Charger Plugged into the Socket Without Pulling it out?

Yes, but preferably not

  • low-quality chargers will heat up on their own, and with high indoor temperature, it is easy to cause fire
  • Shorten charger life.


  • Stop charging when the phone is hot.
  • Try not to play while charging
  • Try not to charge overnight.
  • Do not leave the charger plugged into an outlet connected to a power source for a long time.
  • Use original charger
  • Use a third-party charger that has been certified by authorities.


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