both apple 140w charger and 30w charger use gan, why?(2022)

both apple 140w charger and 30w charger use gan, why?(2022)

Apple may release a new 30W charger this year that uses gallium nitride (GaN) in its construction

The first GaN charger is the 140W charger that comes with the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro. But the 30W chargers much lower power than 140w, which could make them more suitable for lower-wattage laptops like Apple's iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air.

So what is gan and what is it good for, so that both 140w and 30w chargers use it

What is GaN?

      gan charger

Gallium nitride is a material that allows chargers to generate less heat,  components can be closer together, meaning they can be smaller while still delivering high power.

Previously, most chargers were limited to 5-watt charging speeds to avoid overheating and avoid shortening the battery's lifespan, but the gallium nitride(gan) changed them

Some Advantages of GaN Charger

(1) Provides high power for a long time

GaN can deliver high-power current for a long  time

(2) One port for all devices

GaN chargers can accurate intelligent power distribution, so only one port can be used to charge all devices.

So you can charge your iPhone and MacBook with a 100W GaN charger

(3) Smaller and more portable

With GaN, components can be placed closer together. Therefore, GaN chargers can deliver large currents for a long time without overheating.

Why don't Computers Come with GaN Chargers?

(1) Silicon chips are cheaper than gallium nitride chips

(2) The multi-port charger can be used with both mobile phones and computers

(3) The charger does not affect the sale of the computer

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