15 Models of Samsung Battery Life(2022)

15 Models of Samsung Battery Life(2022)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a built-in S Pen, a brighter display and plenty of camera upgrades in a sleek design, plenty of camera improvements, a brighter display and faster charging. Overall, it's a great phone, but it's also quite expensive, and the battery life could be better.


  • Best Phone Display:
Brighter, ideal for outdoor viewing, it also offers better color saturation.
  • The S Pen is Better: 
By reducing the latency by 70%, writing and drawing on the Galaxy S22 Ultra feels as smooth as pen and paper. And there's a holster built in.
  • Better Photos: 
Provides brighter images, and night mode works even better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max in some scenes.
  • Longer Support: 
Samsung is promising five years of update support and four years of major OS updates, so this flagship should be able to last you a long time. 
  • Sleek and Durable Design: 
The Galaxy S22 Ultra is protected by an armor aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus+ back, and yet it's lighter than the iPhone 13 Pro Max without a lame notch. Some may not dig the curved display, though. 
  • 45W Charging is Fast : 

The phone got to 67% in 30 minutes, which is not that much faster than 25W (58%).

PS: the best choice of 100w gan fast charger


  • Pricey
  • Less RAM than previous model
  • Shorter battery life than S21 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Life

Offers 5,000 mAh capacity, which according to Samsung is enough for 81 hours of audio playback

A little over 10 hours of endurance in our web surfing battery test. That's good

Samsung Series Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy A52 12:20 (60Hz); 10:19 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 11:58 (60Hz); 8:47 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 11:25 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 10:26 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 10:10 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 10:01 (60Hz); 8:55 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S21 9:53 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 9:52 (60Hz); 9:21 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S20 9:42 (60Hz); 8:05 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 9:38 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 9:15 (60Hz); 7:47 (120Hz)
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 8:59 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 8:48/7:58 (60Hz/120Hz, front screen); 7:53/6:36 (60Hz/120Hz, interior screen)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G 8:26 (60Hz)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 6:00 (60Hz); 5:43 (120Hz)


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