140w gan charger for macbook pro

140W GaN Charger for MacBook Pro(2021)

140W Adapter is Apple's First GaN Charger

October 19, 2021, Apple held a special event and released AirPods 3, 2021 Macbook Pro

The new MacBook is equipped with M1 PRO / M1 MAX chip. The 16-inch MacBook Pro supports high-power fast charging up to 140W. It is the world's first laptop that supports USB PD3.1 fast charging technology.

What's in the Box:

  1.  MacBook Pro 16-inch(2021)
  2. usb c to magsafe3 cable
  3. 140w power adapter

The latest 140W charger with magsafe charging cable, powering the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, using USB-C Power Delivery 3.1 standard

The 140W USB-C power adapter is a charger based on gallium nitride technology. Compared with silicon-based chargers, this technology can make a smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient charger.

How Does Gallium Nitride Work?

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a wide band gap semiconductor used in high-efficiency power transistors and integrated circuits. By growing a thin layer of aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) on top of the GaN crystal, strain is generated at the interface, thereby generating a compensated two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG).

When there is an electric field, the 2DEG is used to effectively conduct electrons applied to it. This 2DEG is highly conductive, partly because the electrons are confined to a very small area at the interface. This limitation increases the mobility of electrons from about 1000 cm2/V·s in unstrained GaN to 1500 to 2000 cm2/V·s in the 2DEG region.

Compared with similar silicon solutions, the transistors and integrated circuits produced by this high mobility have higher breakdown strength, faster switching speed, higher thermal conductivity and lower on-resistance.

 GaN is the Future

More and more manufacturers use gan technology to develop new products because gan technology is the future :

  • Protection mechanism
  • Less switching losses
  • Take up less space 
  • Lower cost

Tech Specs Of 140W GaN Charger for MacBook Pro :

Model: A2452
Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 2.0A
Output: 5.2V3A、9V3A、15V5A、20.5V5A、28V5A
Size: 96.13×75.17×28.68mm
Weigh: 276.7g





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