Wireless Car Charger

wireless car charger

  • Informative Indicator

    1) Flashing Red -foreign obstruction detection
    2)Solid Red - Connected to power
    3)Solid Blue - Charging for the device

  • The viscous suction cup + switch uses the pressure principle to exhaust the internal air through pressure, which greatly increases the absorption force and firmly adheres to the the car window, etc.
  • You can mount the charger on an air vent making phone calls and GPS navigation more convenient than ever.

wireless car chargerwireless car charger

wireless car charger

  • Unable to charge/ Slow charge / Charging intermittently:
  1. Make sure that the phone supports the wireless charging function
  2. Check the power of the charging head: The minimum standard for charging head when using wireless charging is 5V 2.4A. If it is lower, the charging will be intermittent. If you have android phone, it would be better to use QC3.0 adapter.
  3. Check if the Phone Case is compatible with wireless charging: Please remove thick, uneven or rugged case,metal ring holder, metal attachments and credit cards for optimal charging. Be sure your phone case is NOT thicker than 6mm.
  4. Preventing your phone from overheating: We suggest you close Apps to reduce power consumtion and turn off phone screen during wireless charging.
  • The suction cup won't stay or be attached to the dash:
  1. How to ensure strong adsorption of the suction cup? The bottom is washable suction cup and pad. Rinsing and air drying the suction cup and pad after using for a long time can restore their stickiness. We do not recommend to apply the suction cup on leather, wall or filmed glass surfaces as the suction cup is designed with strong viscosity and attraction.
  2. How to ensure the stability: We suggest you use the STICKY GEL PAD in irregular surface of the dashboard , and then press the suction cup on the pad to ensure the STABILITY. Before placing the product on the dashboard, you need to turn the button on, then press the product where you want it to be, and finally buckle the button.
  3. NOTE: The bottom suction cup maybe harden when it is cold. this may affect the sticky function of the sucker, so we suggest you warming up the sucker pad from hot air blowing on it from the vent firstly, then stick it on the dashboard or other surface
  4. About the air vent: Only support horizontal and vertical air vent, not support the round air vent.
  • Clamping Arms won't work:
  1. If the arm clamp is obstructed, it will stop working and wait for the next action to close. If it is this case, please clear the obstacle and press the induction button to reset the product into the closed state, and use the switch again to use it normally.
  2. If the product is out of power, the arm clamp will not work. Please plug the cable into the QC3.0 car charger to ensure that the motor have enough electricity when you clamp or release the phone, otherwise the clamping arms will not move.