gan 100w usb c charger

Exclusive technology intelligently delivers optimal charging power to fast charge your devices based on the number and type of connected devices.

  • *GaN Tech
  • *All ports support fast charge
  • *Both USB-C output max 100W
  • *Both USB-A output max 30W
  • *Foldable wall plug

gan 100w charger

  • Hyphen-X is nicely designed to support most of the fast-charging protocols to ensure that your device is charging at the fastest safe speed.
  • If 2 ports are not enough for you,4 ports may be. Fast charge up to 4 devices at the same time – from earbuds to phones, to tablets and laptops.
  • If you travel with several devices and find yourself struggling to keep everything charged and organized, this may solve your problem.

gan 100w usb c charger

USB C to USB C Cable 5A Fast Charging

USB-C to USB-C cable 100W charging is your high-speed charging solution for Type-C devices. The cable has reversible USB-C connectors on both sides, fully supporting USB Type-C power transmission and data transmission between smartphones, tablets, and laptops. At the same time, our cables are backward compatible with 100W 60W 30W 20W.

usb c to usb c cable


  • USB C to USB C Cable 2.0 support data transfer, and the transmission speed up to 480 Mbps.
  • Thick tinned copper cores support 5A fast charge, charging will not damage the machine.
  • Special reversible USB C to USB C design, no need to distinguish reverse, simple and comfortable.