iphone slow charging

Why Does My iPhone Charge Slower When it Has Max Battery Health?

iphone slow charging

Every device will have slow charging after being used for a long time or at the beginning of use. We all want to solve this problem to get fast charging and reduce charging time

iPhone Slow Charging is Caused By the Following Conditions:

1. To charge the device, choose the right charging plug. For example, if you use an iPhone plug to charge an iPad, the charging speed will be very slow because the power of the plug is not enough

2. Charging cables and USB cables on the market are all the same, but in fact they support different currents

3. Temperature also has a certain effect on the charging speed.

Solution After iPhone Charging Slows Down:

1. Check the Charging Interface, it May Be Dusty if iPhone Slow Charingiphone slow charing

Since we are usually accustomed to putting mobile phones in our trouser pockets, the charging port at the bottom of the mobile phone is prone to dust, and the port and the power cord plug are prone to poor contact.

2. Check the Data Cable and Try Another One If iPhone Slow Charging

iphone solw charging

If the charging speed is normal after changing the cable, it means that there is a problem with the cable. Buy a new data cable for the speed.

3. Choose a Correct Charger for Your Devices

Different chargers have different output power, some support fast charging and some do not. Quickly find a suitable charger for your device.

4. System Problems, Try Restarting if iPhone Slow Charing

Restarting can solve 70% of mobile phone problems. You can remember this "truth". If there is a problem with your mobile phone, you may wish to restart it first

5. Pay Attention to the Temperature Problem, if iPhone Slow Charing

Due to the physical characteristics of the battery, it is particularly sensitive to temperature. If it is too high, it will cause problems, and if it is too low, it will fail to charge

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