wireless charger technology

Best News About Wireless Chargers Technology

Wireless charging pads aren’t a new invention, but with more and more phone manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, they’re an increasingly convenient way to top off your phone without hunting for a cable.

What is Wireless Charging?

wireless charger technology

Wireless charging is the transfer of power from a power outlet to your device, without the need for a connecting cable, for example, a wireless MagSafe charger for iPhone.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

  • Through two coils to create an electromagnetic field
  • When the receiving magnetic plate on the mobile device comes into contact with the transmitter, an electric current is generated

Are iPhone or Android Wireless Chargers the Same

they’re universal: whether you’ve got an iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, or nearly any wirelessly charging accessory, they all work with the same pads and fast charging.

How to Use Wireless Charger

  • Make sure your phone is compatible
  •  Remove all objects, especially metal or magnetic objects, from the charging pad or pocket
  •  Place mobile device face up on the symbol molded into the charging pad or pocket
  • Move the mobile device slowly until a charging icon displays on the infotainment system’s display screen. This icon indicates the mobile device is properly positioned and charging

What are the Advantages of Wireless Charging?

  • A safe way to transfer power to your phone
  • Simple to just drop your phone on the charging pad
  • Puts less strain on the charging port of your phone
  • If you run out of juice and don't have a cable you can still charge your phone

What are the Disadvantages of Wireless Charging? 

  • Wireless charging is slower, especially for phones with Quick Charge technology - plugging into a wall outlet will be much, much quicker for those devices
  • If you've got your phone charging via a cable, you can still hold it and use it as normal. If you take your phone off a wireless charging pad to use it, it stops charging
  • Not all phones have it.

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