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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Power Bank(2021)

The performance of a laptop is comparable to that of a desktop computer, but it is more portable than a desktop computer, and it is the first choice for many users who usually use a laptop.

How to provide longer battery life for laptops is a big problem when using laptops when going out. At present, mainstream laptop have fully supported USB PD fast charging, and high-power PD fast charging power bank has become an indispensable device.

Why is it Important to Invest in Power Bank?

 The battery capacity is measured in milliampere hours (mAh)-the capacity required to allow one milliampere of current to flow for one hour

The larger the mAh, the more power the battery pack needs to charge your device.

✬ Portable

You can easily carry the power bank anywhere. These small devices can be easily put into your pocket, allowing you to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices anytime, anywhere

✬  Act As a Charger

When the battery of a laptop, smart phone, smart watch, tablet or other device is about to run out or has run out, the power bank is very useful

✬ Act As a Travel Companion

If you like to travel, then you should consider buying a power bank and taking it with you. It is a necessity

✬ Various Appearances

The stylish and modern design of the power bank makes it very attractive to use. Some brands will provide different and unique designs that look very unique.

✬ Compatible With Almost all Gadgets

Power banks can power your gadget. Even tablets and portable game consoles are compatible.

✬ Durable Surface

Some have scratch-resistant surfaces and is more durable. It can even be put in the bag with other items

✬ Recharges

A power bank with a large enough milliampere can charge your device 2 times or even more than 2 times

why use a power bank

✬ Act As a First Aid Kit 

In an emergency where you need electricity urgently, the power bank is your first aid kit, which can meet your electricity needs

The Disadvantage of a Power Banks

  • Larger size
  • Some power banks are expensive
  • The bad quality power bank can damage your phone’s battery
  • Keeping the phone at 100% charge may damage the phone battery


Power banks have advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that no matter where you go, power banks are definitely worth buying. After all, no one wants to disconnect because the smartphone battery runs out. We just need to be careful

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