Tips of Your Laptop Charger Getting Hot? Fix it(2022)

Tips of Your Laptop Charger Getting Hot? Fix it(2022)

Is it Normal for a Laptop Charger to Get Hot?

It is normal for electronic devices to heat up over time and with use. your adapter transfers current from the electric socket into your laptop or macbook, a small amount of energy gets dissipated as heat.

However, even when your laptop is idling but it’s either overheated, you may have a check

Why Is My Laptop Charger So Hot?

If you notice the adapter is hot, it could be due to the following:

  • Working too Long

If you use a laptop for a long time, the computer consumes a lot of power, and there will be a phenomenon of heat.

  • Using the Wrong Laptop Charger

There are many problem with your laptop charger,in some cause your charger getting hot

    • Some wrong with the internal parts
    • The charger does not match the computer(charger below your laptop specifications)
    • Charger age
    • Physical damages
  • Charger’s Surroundings

Is you usually put your charger in a corner of your room? your environment is just too hot, and the charger is overheating because of this.

How to Fix a Laptop Charger Overheating

Tips1: Don’t overcharge, or charge overnight

Tips 2: Replacing the Charger

Tips 3:keep your laptops charger is a cool, and well ventilated area

  • Having a fan blow on it
  • through the air

Tips 4: Don't play when charging


There are multiple reasons why your laptop or Mac charger may be
overheating,please don't worry and relax, just find out the question and fix it!

If you feel we missed anything important, be sure to contact us and let me know!

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