iphone 13 charger

These are the Best Chargers for the iPhone 13 series to buy right now:Hyphen-X

iPhone 13, all phones in this series do not come with a charger. Therefore, unless you have a USB C charger nearby, you must purchase it separately. But before we list our recommendations, let's talk about what makes the charger very suitable for the iPhone 13 series.

Choosing a wired iPhone charger is very simple. Although technically speaking, any USB charger-even a USB port that can supply power-can charge your iPhone 13, but to achieve the fastest charging, you need one that supports the USB PD (power supply) standard and can Provide a USB charger with 20W or higher power. A 20W charger or higher USB PD charger can charge any iPhone 13 model up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

In terms of wireless charging, the iPhone 13 series supports conventional Qi charging up to 7.5W and MagSafe wireless charging up to 15W. Therefore, if you are buying a wireless charger, please make sure it supports MagSafe to get the fastest charging speed

iphone 13 charger


PD 20w fast charger

At only 0.59 inches thick, 20W power delivery USB C charger is small enough to fit into those awkward spaces behind furniture. If you’re on the go, it’ll fit effortlessly into any bag or even pocket for easy portability. buy it now



PD 100w gan fast charger

Hyphen-X PD Fast charger use gan technology and allow the charger to work at high speed even using 3 ports at the same time. buy it now


iphone 13 charger
Fast wireless charging
The MagSafe Charger makes wireless charging a snap, just lay your phone onto the pad for a quick and easy power boost.buy it now
iphone 13 charger
wireless charger 3 in 1
3 in 1 fast wireless charger is a universal charger that can charge your mobile phone, Airpod, and watch at the same time. buy it now
iphone 13 charger
Magnetic Wireless Car Charger
Support charging through a 6mm thick mobile phone case, combined with a wireless charger and a car mobile phone holder, you can charge your mobile phone even in the car.buy it now
These are the best iPhone 13 chargers you can buy right now. There are plenty of options for wired charger, wireless charger, and even car chargers.
Which charger are you planning to buy? Do you prefer wireless charging over wired charging? Let us know in the comments section.
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