phone overheat

Top 6 Reasons for iPhone Overheating 2021

iPhone users will find a problem. They often encounter phone heat when they charge their phones. In fact, this problem of phone overheat is related to the current charging intensity and environment of mobile phones.

Reason About iPhone Overheating

phone overheat
1. The higher the current, the faster the phone will charge. This can easily cause the phone to become hot.
2. The size of the mobile phone charger. Nowadays, people like to use smaller chargers to carry them with them in order to facilitate travel. In fact, the size of the charger has become smaller. The heat dissipation will deteriorate.

Likely Causes of An Overheating Phone

It is normal for your phone to feel a little hot. Whenever you use your phone for a long time, run power-hungry applications, or use more applications than usual, the temperature of your phone will rise.

How to Avoid Phone Heating of the Charger


  • Charge in a Cool Environment If your phone overheats.

it is best to charge it in a cool environment in summer, such as an air-conditioned room.

  • Not to Play With the Phone While Charging

Why Does My iPhone Charge Slower When it Has Max Battery Health?

    If you still play with your mobile phone while it is charging, it will inevitably cause the mobile phone charger to overheat.

    Do not continue charging after fully charged, otherwise it will cause the charger to overload and overheat

    • Pay Attention to the Surrounding Heat Sources

    kept away from heat sources, such as gas stoves, steamers, etc

    • Reduce the Number of Recharges

    generally charging once a day or two can help extend the life of the charger.

    A good radiator can reduce your heat to normal temperature

    How to cool your phone down

    • Remove your phone’s case
    • Close apps when not using them
    • Prevent apps from running in the background
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