Is that True?--The iPhone 14 May Have a Portless Design,2022)

Is that True?--The iPhone 14 May Have a Portless Design,2022)

Apple eliminated the headphone port on the iPhone 7 in 2016, rumors began to circulate that Apple was investigating the possibility of developing an iPhone with no ports at all, However, that didn't happen,

Apple wants to minimize and standardize ports on its devices. This will look more concise. However, this may not come true

Reasons For This

  • Speed of Data Transfer

Designing an iPhone without external ports or buttons, Apple's long-term goal is to achieve a clean look

First, iPhone data transfer speeds require or exceed Lightning cables, otherwise losing a port will be considered a step backward. That means Apple will need to go beyond Bluetooth for faster transfer speeds, which is hard

  • Charging

MagSafe chargers offer up to 15W of peak power, and some only offer 12W, charging compatible iPhones at even less than half the speed of wired 20W USB-C chargers

So new versions of MagSafe will have to increase transmission performance to get close to cable speeds.

In addition, we all know that in the same amount of power, wireless charging actually consumes about 47% more power than wired charging, so we will feel that the power consumption is faster, and using wireless charging is more likely to heat up the phone than wired charging

  • Electronic Waste

In 2020, the EU requires that all electronic devices will use a unified port to reduce electronic waste

If Apple did away with the charging port and went with a portless design, it would create a lot of e-waste

 Despite all these challenges, there is no doubt that the idea of a portless iPhone still brings significant advantages to Apple and its customers.

Reasons For This:

  • Don't Worry About the Charging Port Being Dirty and not Charging.

Cables are used for a long time and the port will be full of dirt, which will prevent you from charging your phone, you need to constantly clean your port

  • Don't Worry About Electric Shock Anymore

You will find that your wires are exposed outside, even cause a fire accident. you will avoid if you use an iPhone with no ports.


Apple's previous removal of the required headphone jack from the iPhone was a big deal at first, but now people prefer to use wireless headphones. Is removing the charging port this time a sign of bravery or bragging? There are pros and cons to this, what do you think?

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