iPhone or iPod Touch won't Charge

If Your iPhone or iPod Touch won't Charge

How to fix an iPhone that won’t Charge

If your iPhone won’t charge or turn on or is charging slowly, or if you see a warning message, learn what to do.

1, Try a Different Power Source if Your iPhone Charger Won't Charge

-If you are trying to charge from the wall, try another outlet or charge directly from the computer.

-If you are charging from a USB port on your computer, please switch to another port or try a wall adapter.

2,Check the Charging Cable if Your iPhone won't Charger 


iPhone or iPod Touch won't Charge


Check your charging cable and USB adapter for signs of damage, such as broken or bent pins. Do not use damaged accessories.

3, Check the Wall Adapter if Your iPhone won't Charger


iPhone or iPod Touch won't Charge


The USB port on the adapter may be broken.

-Check for firm connections between your charging cable

-Remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device

-Choose a high-quality wall charger for your device

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