8 Ways to Fix Your Charger's Heat (2022)

8 Ways to Fix Your Charger's Heat (2022)

With the deepening of people's demand for mobile phones. Many manufacturers have come up with a solution, --fast charging.

Fast charging is a very good technical ,  it can greatly improve the battery life of mobile phones.

However, with the popularity of fast charging, another situation has also emerged-- charger heating.

When your phone is used for a long time, can it be cooled by any means?

What is Fast Charge?

Volts x Amps = Watts, which is total power.

Fast charging is to achieve the purpose of fast charging by increasing the output voltage

Why your Charger Get Heat?

The components that make the charger generate heat are: high-voltage capacitors, switching tubes, and high-frequency transformers. 

  • Fast Charging

The emergence of fast charging makes the charger get heat

  • Size

In order to be easy to carry, everyone likes a smaller charger. However, the charger is smaller, the worse the heat dissipation performance.

  • Switch Tube of Charger

If the specification of the switch tube is not high, When the current passes, it will heat up

Solution of your Charger Getting Heat

  • Charge in a Cool Environment.

It is best to charge it in a cool environment in summer, such as an air-conditioned room.

Original or regular chargers will also heat up, but they won't overheat, they have protection.

If your charger is overheating, it is counterfeit or not original.

  • Don't Play when Charging

Playing with the phone while the phone is charging will cause the phone charger to overheat and reduce the life of the charger.

  • Do not Overcharge

When the phone is fully charged, do not continue charging, and unplug the charger in time.

  • Heat Source

When charging the phone, the charger should be placed in a place away from heat sources 

  • Reduce the Number of Charges.

If you charge it multiple times a day, it will cause the charger to overheat.

  • When Charging, the Phone is Turned Off.

It can extends the life of the charger and protects your phone


The solution to the charger's heat is roughly the same as above. In general, the original charger is always the best. Even if you do not have a charger, please use a regular charger.




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