Apple's iOS 15 has Arrived: Feature Inntroduction

iOS 15 release date: Sept. 20

At the iPhone 13 event on Sept. 14, Apple announced that iOS 15 would be generally available for free download on Sept. 20. 
And if you've been holding onto the same iPhone since 2015 or later, you will likely be eligible to receive iOS 15. Apple's iOS 15 is available on the iPhone 6S and every iPhone onward.

iOS 15 New Features


  •  Watch together                               Listen together
  •  Share your screen                          Synced playback
  • Shared music queue                       Smart volume
  • Multiple device support                   Connect through audio, video, and text

Messages-Shared with You

  • Pins                                    Photos
  • Safari                                  Apple News
  • Apple Music                        Apple Podcasts
  • Apple TV app                      Switch phone numbers in Messages


  • Two different eye colors                New Memoji stickers
  • Multicolored headwear                  New accessibility options
  • New glasses                                  Clothing


ios 15 release

  • Status API                                      Driving auto-reply
  • Allowed notifications                      Focus across your devices
  •  Focus customization                     Focus setup suggestions


  • New look for notifications                  Notification summary
  • Muting suggestions                           Mute notifications
  • Time Sensitive notifications              Communication notifications


  • New driving features                   Interactive globe    
  • Redesigned transit                      Detailed new city experience
  • All-new place cards                     User account


  • Bottom tab bar                          Customizable start page
  • HTTPS upgrade                        New privacy protections
  • Voice search                             Tab overview grid view


  • Enhanced connectivity on 5G         5G preferred over Wi-Fi


  • Improved Panorama captures           Zoom in QuickTake video
  • Select from UPI payment apps in India


  • iCloud Private Relay                     Hide My Email
  • HomeKit Secure Video                  Custom email domain

Apple ID

  • Account Recovery Contacts           Digital Legacy program

How to Download iOS 15?

Now that iOS 15 is generally available, you may receive a notification from Apple informing you that you can update. Alternatively, you can do this manually by going to the "Settings" app> "General"> "Software Update" and under the "Also available" section, click "Upgrade to iOS 15."
If you have already installed the iOS 15 beta version on your phone, you can uninstall it before downloading the final version of the operating system. This is why you may have to wait to install the full version of iOS 15.

Make Sure your Device is Compatible With iOS 15

If you've purchased a new iPhone in the last six years, it'll be compatible with iOS 15.

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