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The Difference Between 2A Phone Charger and 1A Phone Charger

The Difference Between 2A Phone Charger and 1A Phone Charger

There are basically three types of charger plugs.

Android phones have Micro USB ports and Type-C ports, and Apple phones have Lightning ports.

           100w usb c laptop charger

Nowadays, fast charging technology is developing very rapidly. In order to speed up the charging speed, many mobile phone manufacturers have increased the voltage and current, which may be 9V/2A or 5V/4.5A. Therefore, the use of fast charging chargers will not cause damage to the phone.

What is an Amp?

The amp is just the unit we use to measure the current of the device. It is mainly used to measure how many electrons pass through a wire per second.

Your chargers wires are made up of metal, which contains billions of electrons(coulomb). 1 coulomb = 6,240,000,000,000,000 electrons

1 ampere is equal to one coulomb passing through the wire per second. 2 Ampere is actually only twice that, so compared to a 1 Ampere charger, electrons travel at twice the speed.

1 Amp vs 2 Amps Charger

If you charge a device that can accept 2 amps with a 1 amp charger, then it will simply just charger at a slower rate.

if you charge a 1 amp device with a 2 amp charger, it will just charge as normal, as it cannot accept anything more than 1 amp.

Which Charging Speed is Fast?

We used the 5V/1A adapter and the 5V/2.1A adapter to charge the iPhone 6 separately:

  • 5V/1A adapter--  tankes 2 hours and 07 minutes, the maximum temperature of the adapter is 66 ° C.
  • 5V/2.1A adapter-- takes 2 hours and 01 minutes, the maximum temperature of the adapter is 60 °C.

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1, The difference between the 1A and 2A chargers is that the 1A charger has a small current, and the 2A charger has a large current. The charging speed of the high-current charger is faster than that of the low-current charger.

2, A good mobile phone charger will be designed with circuit protection. When the current is too large, the protection mechanism will be triggered in time to ensure consumer safety.

3, if you have a charger, it is not recommended to use the charger below 1A

4, Wireless chargers are now slowly replacing wired chargers, but wireless chargers have many problems (such as slow charging, mobile phone heating), and the portability of wireless chargers is irreplaceable. I hope that wireless chargers will change in the future Getting better and better


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