100 PD USB-C Charger:Newest(2022)

100 PD USB-C Charger:Newest(2022)

3 Feature of USB?

1) USB Power Delivery Increases Power to 100W.
This means your device will be able to charge faster than before

2)The power direction is no longer fixed.
Do not charge in a fixed direction

3)The device will not overcharge
It protects the device from overcharging when the device is fully charged

What is 100W PD Charging?

Before, getting a 100W USB-C charger meant it was bulky and expensive.

Now, with Power Delivery, you can now find 100W chargers that can quickly charge your laptop and even easily charge low-power devices like Chromebooks and phones, as well as your laptop.

Today, the 100W charger scene is rapidly changing as Gallium Nitride (GaN) begins to find its way into such chargers.

Can any USB-C Cable Charge 100W?


USB-C is brilliant. You can fast charge your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, or, transfer data at high speed, all using the same USB-C to USB-C cable.

But for high-power 20V/5A (100W) charging, you need a 5A-rated USB-C to USB-C cable that contains E-Marker chip to identify the cable and its current capabilities. Or a Thunderbolt 3 cable that supports 5A/20V (100W) charging.

So definitely check the current rating (3A or 5A) of the cable when you want fast charging high-power devices like MacBook Pro.

Winner:Hyphen-X GaN 100W USB C PD Charger with 5A-Earker Chip Cable

This GaN-based 100w PD charger has 4 ports, which is able to charge 2 laptops plus 2 USB-A devices at the same time

What's more, this charger is equipped with a cable with a 5A E-marker chip, This USB C to USB C cable is strong enough to output power up to 20V 5A, which is ensured by high-speed safe charging.


Let's imagine, when you are traveling with friends and find that there is only one outlet. You only need a 4-port charger to solve all your problems

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